Georgetown Testimonials

Ryan not only relieved the pain in my shoulder but his therapy helped improve my athletic performance. He took the time to learn about me and my goals so we could determine what to consider success. As I reached more and more of my goals, my performance improved. Ryan was always provided additional exercises and stretching to improve my mobility and overall health. From now on, I won’t go to anyone else. Plus he’s a super nice guy!

Krista Greathouse

Ryan is amazing! He was very thorough and knowledgeable when working with my child. He helped her feel at ease throughout the appointment and guided me as far as next steps to help her feel better. I value his expertise and would definitely send any of my family members to him in the future!

Andrea F

Ryan did a phenomenal job showing me how I can eliminate the pain in my left arm when I do certain movements like Push ups or Bench Press. I’m still amazed how effective they are. Same thing for my slight headaches. Easy to follow movements.
I never take pills, but suffer here and there on specific body parts.
There is always a solution if you just think a little longer and if you want to work on yourself. Cheaper and healthier in the long run! Thank you Ryan for giving me that push and guiding me in the right direction.
I can’t recommend him enough. Just great

Rebekah Fiegenbaum

Have been having foot pain for over three years going through foot injections, PT, and even a foot surgery with no relief. Ryan Shelton has been great to work with. He has been really patient helping me. Is always available to call or ask questions. He works with you your entire visit, which is totally different than the physical therapy I had before. I would definitely recommend Ryan if you are needing physical therapy. Also, he has just opened an office in Georgetown for all you Toyota workers who need a great therapist.

Rebekah Fiegenbaum

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Sarah Christian

Ryan is hands down one of the best PT’s I have ever worked with. He listens and asks all the important questions to address the issue. Ryan is NOT in a hurry during any appointment and is fully engaged. To me this means a lot during these times when you don’t feel like your voice is heard.

He treats and educates so you don’t HAVE to see him every week. So refreshing!

Deborah Baker

While I am not a client myself, a family member is and I have observed Ryan working with her every visit. From the first visit, Ryan put her at ease. He got to know her, and then worked with her to establish a therapy protocol to ensure a successful rehab. He also helped her gain confidence in practicing the exercises on her own. I would highly recommend Ryan and PhilanthroPT.